ketting zwart wit FLAMENCO LARGE



Uit de Flamenco collectie van ZSISKA deze aparte ketting. U kunt de ketting ook anders om dragen dan heeft u vijf witte platte kralen en wat wit is is dan gestreept. De langste kraal is 8 cm. De breedte in zijn geheel is 14 cm. Verstelbaar in lengte door zwart satijn koord. HANDMADE.  Gewicht 83 gram


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The company is based in Thailand, giving access to top grade materials, precise design and skilled craftsmanship.

The company behind ZSISKA was founded in 1992 by Dutch jewellery designer Siska Schippers. Siska Schippers was born in Amsterdam and worked as a European gold and silversmith, before deciding to move to Thailand back in the 90s to create handmade design jewellery. After experimenting with different techniques she found a way to make resin as clear as glass. It is often used in combination with other high quality materials such as 24k gold leaf, pure silver leaf and Swarovski elements

With experience and dedication the ZSISKA Design Team developed over the years high standards in quality and technical skills. The technique of making resin jewellery has evolved to consistently create products of high standard. The creative flair and artistic energy of the Design Team adds the perfect touch to all ZSISKA jewellery and accessories. The inspiration of every collection is found in the wonderful diversity of cultures, art, nature, upcoming fashion trends and colours.