Asymmetrical Aguila Watermelon Quartz earrings


Our Micro-Collection “Aguila” is a beautifully balanced fan-shaped asymmetrical pair of earrings, with a lot of very refined details.

Watermelon Quartz:

Activating your abundant heart chakra and fulfilling you with love and openness to see the worlf with new eyes.  Giving you energy of serenity and calmness and spiritual and physical balance.


This pair of earrings is asymmetrical wrapped in our golden glitter jar and you will love to wear them during your special moments.

Status1 op voorraad

These earrings are made out of stainless steel,
which does not fade and is anti-allergic.

Silver vermeil 24k gold plating.

Handmade in our Atelier in Antwerp with loads of love, care and beautiful intentions.

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